Graphics.DrawMeshNow 立即绘制网格

static function DrawMeshNow (mesh : Mesh, position : Quaternion) : void
static function DrawMeshNow (mesh : Mesh, position : Quaternion, materialIndex : int) : void
static function DrawMeshNow (mesh : Mesh, matrix : Matrix4x4) : void
static function DrawMeshNow (mesh : Mesh, matrix : Matrix4x4, materialIndex : int) : void



Draw a mesh immediately.


This function will draw a given mesh immediately. Currently set shader and material (see Material.SetPass) will be used. The mesh will be just drawn once, it won't be per-pixel lit and will not cast or receive realtime shadows. If you want full integration with lighting and shadowing, use Graphics.DrawMesh instead.


using UnityEngine;

using System.Collections;

public class example : MonoBehaviour {

	public Mesh aMesh;

	public Material mat;

	void OnPostRender() {


		Graphics.DrawMeshNow(aMesh,, Quaternion.identity);


// Attach this script to a camera.

// Draws a mesh inmediately.



var aMesh : Mesh;

var mat : Material;

function OnPostRender() {

	// SetPass to 0 if the material doesnt have a texture.



	Graphics.DrawMeshNow(aMesh,, Quaternion.identity);

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